Download Free GreenSky® Promotional Items!

Promote the availability of affordable payment options to boost sales.

Thank you for being part of the GreenSky® family and leveraging financing to increase your customers’ buying power. These promotional items are designed to let prospects know that you can make their home improvement project better, and more affordable, helping to generate more leads and interest.

All the items you see are available for download! For those that require printing, simply download the items you want to use, and then take (or send) the ready-to-produce digital files to your favorite printer or promotional materials vendor. If you possess the necessary equipment, you may also wish to produce them yourself.

Our promotional items include the following digital files:

Web Banners Web Banners

Web Banners

Web Banners

Consumer-Facing Pamphlet

Social-ads Social-ads

Social Media Graphics


GreenSky® Advertising and Marketing Guidelines. Any time you use GreenSky® for promotional purposes, be sure to follow our legal guidelines.

Technical Specifications

The files are high-resolution, so they are quite large. Any reputable printer should be able to use them to produce your materials. GreenSky®cannot be responsible for the production quality, pricing, or delivery of the materials. We merely provide the files for your use. Be sure to get firm prices and thoroughly review proofs before you approve your order.